Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Engine at 99%

Changes in the engine:
-Everything has a sound. doors, levers. Only the monsters no.
-environmental sounds. per map sounds that the engine plays.
-mob scripting, we can add new mobs
-bugs and bugs fixed here and there.

whats left:
-mob animations, mob sounds. few mob bug patch.

Yup. so i need animations. Thats a hard thing because we dont have active artists at the moment. I'm a beginner artist myself so maybe I try to do something.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Secrets 1

2D box-box intersection:

So someone asked me to help, how a basic intersection looks like. The game uses boxes, so i posted my box-box intersection implementation. My post from derpibooru:

the 2d box collision is the following:

if box a maximum x smaller than box b minimum x
if box a minimum x larger than box b maximum x
the boxes are away from each others, collision false;

if box a maximum y smaller than box b minimum y
if box a minimum y larger than box b maximum y
the boxes are away from each others, collision false;

if we are here, we have only one case left, collision detected, because the minimum x or maximum x is between the minimum and maximum x and the minimum y or maximum y is between the minimum and maximum y

how this looks as code? (just quickly, i hope its correct xD)

class vec2
float x;
float y;

class box
vec2 pos;
vec2 vol;

bool interBoxes(box _a,box _b)
if( a.pos.x+a.vol.x<=b.pos.x-b.vol.x||a.pos.x-a.vol.x>=b.pos.x+b.vol.x )
return false;
if( a.pos.y+a.vol.y<=b.pos.y-b.vol.y||a.pos.y-a.vol.y>=b.pos.y+b.vol.y )
return false;

return true;

Engine development

-music handler (ogg), sound handler updated
-new a.i. type enemy
-direct IP server and client


Plat Aventures

get involved in an adventure as Emerald Bolt, fight hostile creatures and collect gems. In two player mod you may bring with you your friend as Rose Black, the mercenary pegasus pony. walk around the world 5 landscapes while seeking for tombs for the lost 5 chalices.
 The Game is Still in development
 the latest version is the v0.90b, maps, enemies, backgrounds, dialogues may change with the new versions.


Install Instructions :
Step 1 : _ install Openal
First you need to download and install OpenAl in order to make the sounds work.
Step 2 :_ install the game here
the game is in Zip file. download the game from the provided link then unpack it’s content wherever you want.